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Dragons Quest XI Gameplay


Assassin's Creed Origins Quick Review

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Quick Review


Protect the Walls!!!


Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age..A Breathtaking Remake!!!

Review With Ending Game Play Live With The Famous Kid

A Game that was Frustratingly Beautiful

I wanted to cry the first time I picked up the sticks on this game. The intro stole my heart and the characters had so much personality. I love the bond Ori and Naru had. The story line was amazing, but the boards and challenges were something else. I grew a love/hate relationship with each challenge. I have never died so many times in a game, but yet there were days where I lost track of time and 12 hours went by as I was moving through the map and finding the orbs. Kuro, the owl, had a story twist that I never expected, but understood at the end. The graphics alone are rated "5 controllers"....This is a must-play for those who love side-scroll/puzzle games. It definitely built up my gaming skills and can't wait for Part II! -  Echo Rayne

For a birthday outing, we made a few stops to retro stores and landed on a hat referencing this game, so we gve the game a shot to see what it's all about. Considering I have playing alot of games for the first time on our 5-Minute Retro Show, let's go new skool this time around! It was originally on the first XBOX, but we landed on a copy for the XBox One. Sunset Overdrive was a pretty cool game. It had par-core action with a little bit of Tony Hawk sports action. I was on the railing at one point and I had to somehow aim at biker rebels while par-coring on a railing at the same time. I am not going to lie, I did get confused on how to multi-task. It took me back to Tearaway when I was in the factory and had to get across this one board. The only difference is that Sunset Overdrive was more complicated. I moved around in the streets some more, so I guess you could say I played it. I am not a huge sports gamer, let alone a sports fan, but for those sports-game lovers, this is a game for you! The graphics are great and the action keeps you jumpin'! I still rock the hat proudly for a great conversational piece too- gotta stay retro with the new I guess!  ~ Echo Rayne

Legends Of Kung Fu In 1 Game? Awesome!!!

Picking up the sticks with Kings Of KungFu for PC/Steampowered ..One thing that caught my attention was the fighters. They had different names (But we know who they The controls was more like Mortal Kombat, which was really cool to pull some ol' skool combos on these fighters.. but to keep short- a great fighting game!!


A Game With The Anime Fix You NEED!!!!

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Turnin' Up The Heat with Echo Rayne

My all time fav game was Bayonetta 1 AND 2! The story line, graphics, enemies, and characters made it hard to put down the controller. Great inspiration for cosplay!  God of War is next in line...BUT Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remastered has filled my head with so much imagination right now and even the kids love it! Can't wait to see what II.5 has to offer. So Game Up! Support the movement and bring back the sticks and good times!   

This Was Not A Video Game!!!

This Was A Movie ..Or Lets Give It A New Name Game/Movie !!!

Picking up the sticks with The Last Of Us ....A tester became an adventure ..sometimes we get games just to test out be open minded and give our thoughts on the game ..but when I started to just test it out I end up getting wrapped up in the story ..some of you might have already sinked your teeth in the game but those of you who haven't tapped in it yet ..all i have to say is trust me you will get into this too ..check it out!

The Famous Kid

Oldie But Goodie

I found myself going back to pickup the sticks on this game. Considering that the new Breath of the Wild is on the rise. And just like when it first came out, the same as always it didn't let me down ...No need for me to describe this game... It speaks for itself (truly awesome!!!) If you have not yet gave this game a shot, trust you are not going wrong with this game. I can only say that it's interactive, so be prepared for a lot of motion controls ..which is what the WII is about anyway!!                                                                                       



PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Experience By Echo Rayne

The Utopia 360 Virtual Reality Device was awesome. I loved the fact you could scare yourself to different horror videos just by using your phone. The graphics were VERY realistic and it kept my attention for sure. But then walked in the PlayStation 4 VR…OMG!!! It started off with late birthday gift for Famous Kid and I thought I would experience it for myself. The shark encounter blew me through the water…in this case the ocean. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, however, was anything BUT a joyful carnival experience. The graphics alone blew my mind and the sound affects you heard as you continued down the rail sent chills down my spine. The roller coaster scenes made you feel like you were literally going down that first hill…so glad I was sitting in a chair. Between the clowns running towards you with cleaver knives, ghouls popping out unexpectedly, rooms shaking, walls shrinking with room furniture moving on its own, and a huge clown towering over you…all I can say is this is frighteningly awesome!! It will make you fall back in your chair (Literally…Famous saved me…lol) For those who love PlayStation 4, this is a MUST HAVE. It takes the gaming experience to a whole new level and is worth every penny. So get plugged into virtual reality and see life in a whole new way!!

Check out my video below and see the reaction...Believe me- what you see on this screen is nothing like the real thing!!!

Song of the Deep Adventure

For Xbox One

Song of the Deep..let's just say beautiful game! I love the fact it was a mystery side scroller RPG. The story line was enough to draw me in instantly and start a new adventure and help Merryn find her father. The first boss was an underwater spider- huge! The characters I met throughout the game were beautiful and had captivating personalities. It was a little different game play however in comparison to Unravel and Never Alone. Yes, the entire game was underwater- which explains the title, "Song of the Deep." So, if you like mystery side scrollers and don't mind all ocean graphics, this game is definitely for you. The music is very calming, so if you like more upbeat tracks playing in the back ground, get your music ready,pick up the sticks, and prepare yourself as you embark on an unforgettable underwater adventure! - Echo Rayne


Mega games...Mega Fun!

On one of our many trips to Retro City Games, we land in this new toy! Gotta love how no matter how old we get, we can still be kids! Now let's get the retro gaming started...

Here's a post from our friend and Gamer Omar B 
"Game is good, music is totally magical, story was great, all in all I'd give it an uber 10!!!"

*We'd like to give shouts out to all who follow us! Thanks for the love and support. We love reviews from our fans...looking forward for more to come!!!

We driving and catching retro style...


Picking up 
the sticks!
picking up devices! 

Do you remember these little partners of entertainment in your hands? Picking up the sticks with Tiger Games...I had to get at least a couple of these in the retro collection. In the late 80s and 90s they were a big hit. Compared to our game apps on our phone, it was during ol skool times when these was gems to us. So if seeing one of these brings back memories to you, it doesn't mean you are showing your age.  It just shows things was awesome back then and and still is now!!!


1942: Joint Strike

I’ve never played too many jet games.The only aircraft game I enjoyed playing in my past life was “After Burner”. I’ve never played "1942"...until now. I’ve always been more interested in space shooting games, so I figured I try something a little different & new. The game is cool & fun. They’ve really improved on the artwork & gameplay. It’ll be much easier & more fun to play with a friend. This game has really come a long way & it continues to become more challenging as you get farther in the game. There isn't a story to this game, but "1942" is cool especially if you’re playing with a friend. Be sure to peep out this game!




            SNES Gametime

Battletoads takes it to the streets on the Super Nintendo, originally on the arcade, as well as NES. This is a fun game for two players as well & the music keeps you going. The toads and the villains get down super awesome, but the difference between the arcade and the console, the arcade was little bit more graphic with the blood and bone. Being that Microsoft owns Battletoads, we can already tell if their redesigning came out with a new one. We should know that they won’t slack on the graphics and the action.  -Shadowboy


    Random Stories

Picking up the sticks with south park: the stick of Truth.. Now let me just say this and get this out the way ...they went way too far with the comedy ...this game is completely not for kids or teens in that matter... lol! this is one of those games u just have to experience to get what I'm saying. the game play mixed with the RPG style and abilities kept me on the sticks i let it slide with the cool card. they're also coming out with another one ...and which we already know v.g.I will be on top of the experience and review always stay locked in to video game intertainment!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                       ~ Famous kid



How could searching for Sega Saturn lead to so much fun ?


Was There Life Before The X Button?

Okay, I am all about taking it back…Leaning back with New Kids Hangin’ Tough bangin’ in my system… hat back. Dr. Mario throwing pills you don’t need at the time…cool. Famous Kid and I took it one more step back. We added a new addition to the gamer family. We introduce to you the Atari. Pop in the cartridge, switch on the right settings and now go back in time. Frogger was hop (until I kept getting hit by a car…frog stew anyone?) Ms. Pacman definitely took me back to arcade times and the reaction time wasn’t as slow as I thought it would be, but I was able to past the first board atleast. We then brought Pixels back and I experienced Space Invaders for myself. If only I didn’t shoot my shield up too soon…Anyway, great date night for me and Famous Kid and we will continue to add to this collection now for more fun!!! (A gamer never has enough games…lol)  Game On!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                        Checking Out 

The 3DO 

Just getting into the retro 3DO console. The games weren’t a big hit on this system and the controls are funny, but what I can say is that the loading is pretty fast and the graphics were great for the time it was out. Not to mention, they did make a few hard to find classics. Those of you who remember this system, we know it wasn’t too popular, BUT in our case an awesome addition to a collector.

  The Game Adventures