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Anime Motivation

"Bite Me..." He said to the Cat!

On our many travels to Retro City Games, they had a collection of awesome anime items. I thought it would be cool to add to our anime theme-based room in our home. Me thinking this is a new anime, I look it up and I was wrong. It started around 2003 and trying to catch up to episode 240+ made me realize I have alot of catching up to do. A perfect way to start off the weekend I guess you could say. The opening episode had me rolling! The humor the crew had and how they kept running AWAY from the bullies of towns people...just to realize that they paused the battle for a missing cat, completely throwing off the bullies. Not to mention a HUGE cat come up with Kagura, a girl full of spunk, riding on the cat's back. For some reason the cat likes sucking on people's heads...had me rolling!! There are aliens called "Sky People," and its a battle for humanity. I am only about a few episodes in so far, but thanks to some awesome anime shopping, I found an anime full of humor, action, and non-sense! It's a great way to start of an awesome weekend! A must-add to your queue and a kick back with good friends!

                                                                                                            ~Echo Rayne

Tatsumi and his two friends want to go on a journey and raise money but things soon turn sour during a bandit attack. With the Capital full of corruption, Tatsumi was unsuccessful when attempting  to enlist in the army- guess his sword to was too Little did he know, however, that this downfall would be another opportunity for something even greater.  A family that seemed "nice" was only a cover to evil. Thanks to the Night Raid- an team of assasins, they unveil the ugly truth of the families true intentions and what they had done to his lost friends. 

To avenge his friends, Tatsumi joins the Night Raid and take a stand against the corrupt Capital. I loved the comedy, the action, and the bond they are built as a team. With Akame's amazing sword skills, Leone teasing ways and beastly fighting tactics, sassiness of Mine, and the fact-actions scissor cutting of Steele it made a great chick team. Tatsumi really bonded with Bulat and the scene where they fused was amazing! These are just to name a few... The characters stole my heart and had me watching the non-stop action until the very end- Esdeath was no joke! But I don't want to be a spoiler. I was actually so inspired, I even made a scissor sword with Famous Kid to add to my collection of cosplay swords (customized gamer-style of course, but still awesome!) If you like hack n' slash action, this is a must watch!!! 

                                                                                                                                ~ Echo Rayne

You Took My Father's Sword?!

Just like Blood+ inspired me to move onto Blood C (Completely different story line even though the girl was named Saya in both anime series), I was inspired to check out Kill La Kill because Akame Ga Kill moved me so much. First off, the "outfit" of the first battle when Ryuko first revealed had me rolling because her opponent Takaharu who forgot how to box for a second. The action was non-stop and the abilities of each uniform had their own personalities and for the ladies there wasn't much to the imagination as far as coverage. He little companion, Mako, had me laughing how over dramatic and over caring she was when it came to protecting Ryuko- great best friend though. The search for the other half of the sword didn't come easy, but the story was brought to the "bare" truth. Once you see the anime, you will understand what I mean by that line...Anyway, if you are looking for a great anime full of action, personality, and a great story- add this anime to your queue!  

                                                                                                                                                            ~ Echo Rayne 


I love zombie movies, Walking Dead, IZombie…so I thought this series would be enjoyable being an anime fan. Tokyo Ghoul sure did that and then some. It’s a world where ghouls live in secret among the humans, hiding their true self so that the authorities can’t tracking them down. A freshman named Ken Kaneki is infatuated with a young woman Rize. She wears glasses and her long locks drive him wild. He finally asked her out on a date. Ken ends up being dinner for Rize once he finds out she is a ghoul. Kaneki is no longer human, but now half ghoul-half human. He is in constant battle from the inside but in the end he has to choose in order to keep other ghouls from desiring his special breed. The entire first season was jaw dropping, especially the last two episodes. I jumped right into Season 2 and the opening kept the same adrenaline. This is a must-see series! So throw on your mask and bite down!    

                                                                                                                                                ~ Echo Rayne                


I walked into Blood C expecting it to be like Blood+. She had the same first name, school setting, an awesome sword, and yes…LOTS OF BLOOD that I am sure the Red Cross would accept. After the first episode, it was anything but Blood+. The storyline was completely different, but I was still intrigued to say the least.

Saya Kisaragi is a happy, bubbly and naive girl who is overly clumsy and kind. She always sang every morning on her way to school. She lives with her father, the head of her hometown's shrine, and learns the art of the sword she was given from her deceased mother. She has to fight against the Elder Bairns. They are a true menace in her quiet town and she is the only one who can take them out. Little does she know, what she sees has an interesting lesson in the last couple episodes. Her real mission has a great twist and she gains strength she never knew she had with each Elder she defeats.

I loved the connection she had with Fumito. Very sweet gentleman and he always served her meals on the way to school, cared for her after her battles, but he definitely surprised me in the end on his agenda. The twins, Nene and Nono Motoe, constantly teased Saya, but they got their just desserts, same for the rest of the cast.

I loved the sword action, the bloody battles, and the twist at the end sure left me wanting more. I am looking forward to season two, because it definitely deserves it, just like Attack on Titan, but let’s not touch that one. All and all, GREAT season so check it out!!!                                                                                       -Echo Rayne

Samurai X is  one of the origins of Kenshin when he was well known as Hitokiri Battousai,the strongest & most feared warrior. The movies "Trust" & "Betrayal" of Samurai X is the origins of Battousai.Learn & see what kind of person Kenshin was.

Trust:They'll show how Kenshin met his master Seijuro Hiko,the master of Hiten Mitsurugi. He learned a lot from his master but ended up leaving to be a ruthless assassin. Kenshin was definitely a devil in human form.Along the way Kenshin meets a beautiful woman named Tomoe who has quite a mystery. Kenshin was trying to keep a distance from Tomoe, until it got ugly in Kyoto.Kenshin & Tomoe had to go into hiding.

Betrayal: Kenshin & Tomoe are hiding out in a house posing to be a married couple...for now. The more they spent some time in peace with Tomoe, the more he started to change. He'll also learn a horrifying secret about Tomoe. He goes to handle the situation but a terrible price was paid. Once that situation was handled Kenshin went into war.At the end of the battles Kenshin who was known as battousai disappeared.

The story still continues on through the comics & the anime series "Rurouni Kenshin:Wandering samurai" so be sure to peep them both out.                        


 This was my first time cosplaying at an event and once I stepped into that Mikasa role, that was it! 

The anime art, the amazing cosplay, the figurines, swords, on-site artists...I was opened up to new world and I can't wait to go back. I felt like I could slash some titans along side Captain Levi and Eren once the sword was in my hand. And yes, I comped the Oblivion sword from Kingdom Hearts, so heartless, watch out! 

While we go out on the battle grounds with 3D maneuvers prepped, check out the rest of the excitement in Shadow's Gallery and see what you missed! 

The first time I saw the colossal Titan my jaw dropped! The music alone drew me in, but the ACTION! Oh my...yes, a must watch! Wait... I don't want to spoil the adventure of what it took to become a soldier knowing they had to defeat Titans taller than Goliath. The battles they had to face, the fatalities they witnessed, and the challenges they overcame made me want to persevere and never give up even when I felt defeated. I fell in love with the characters and admired their strengths. Eren, Mikasa, Captain Levi, Armin...the whole crew showed what it meant to keep on keeping on! So check it out and make sure you have your straps and jacket on and your 3-D maneuver prepped!  

"If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don't fight, you can't win!"

                                       -Eren Yaeger

Blood + is another must watch! Its about a high school girl who lives an ordinary life. Friends, family, but keeps running into, Hagi, a man who appears to only play cello so beautifully, but what is behind the mask is amazing. Saya was unaware that she had lost some memory, but when secrets are revealed, truth is brought to the surface, and her destiny is right in front of her...amazing! 

I even went out in cosplay one day just because and the fact that I was given the actual sword as an anniversary gift still leaves me speechless. Love you, sweetheart!  It's a shame I can't bring it to  

The story line, the blood shed, the action when battling the "mice" and the personalities of each character draws you in with each episode. The distance between Saya and her twin sister, Diva, and the battles between the two are epic. The love and care Saya expresses regardless of her sister's evil ways is phenomenal. The ending will bring you to tears. So pop some popcorn and sit back and enjoy this series! 

For all you hip-hop heads out there, you will LOVE this one. Samurai Champloo is about Fuu, a 15-year- old girl out on a search for the samurai that smells of sunflowers...yes, sunflowers (didn't know that was a She happens to meet Mugen and Jin and they promise to help Fuu. 

She is spunky,  energetic, hopefully naive at times, but no matter how annoying she can get, Mugen and Jin keep their word in helping her. The keep getting captured and yet still come together every time even though Mugen and Jin want to get away. Not always the best reputation when they leave each village, but they are remembered either way.

As the story plot thickened, I loved the humor in episode 23- Baseball Blues. Nice break up and considering I grew up with baseball- they should be on a team for the curves they torpedo across the plate.

I loved the final battle scenes that followed when she finally finds the samurai that smells like sunflowers, sad but expected. There were parts in the scenes where I even had to cover my eyes at times, but watch for yourself and feel my excitement with each swing that comes. I don't want to give anymore away so watch for yourself and enjoy! 

Bob your head to this quest and for all the hip-hop lyricists out there, great inspirational soundtrack with the anime twist. Best of both worlds!    

No Doubt!!... Echo's Tragic Kingdom

I love watching Mean Girls…the cattiness between the high schools and how far popularity can go in a film world makes the movie worth watching again and again. So why not read manga with the same components. This particular manga was a little over the top. Doubt!!... was about a girl, Al-Chan, who had a hard time fitting in. She always felt like the ugly duckling. It was her first day of junior high and she had changed her look and style into a blossoming swan. The boys thought she was a gem to look at, but the attention got to her head. She had the personality of a shy girl but KNEW she was all that with her new look- played a lot of innocence, but her conceited ways made her outward appearance not so enticing. As the new girl, she thrived on making other girls jealous and stirring up the boys’ emotions. The dodge ball scene was funny, but towards the end they took it too far. The bickering between her and Sato-San seemed too much for junior high. Maekawa-San, the boy that both girls lusted over, had an ego that surpassed Al-Chan. It wasn’t my cup of coffee, but for those who like drama series- check it out!  

                                                                                                                   ~Echo Rayne

No Love...No Competition

I was turned onto anime as soon as my eyes met Attack on Titan. I loved watching each episode and collecting memorabilia. I was even tempted to start reading the manga, but the action wasn’t the same for me at the time when looking at the pages for some reason. I am also a Barbie collector and I ran across this manga series called “No Competition.” The cover alone caught my attention so why not fuse both interests and check this out. I LOVED it! The artwork, the story line, and the personality that was brought out of each character was enough for me to want to find out what happens next.

It all starts off with Carrie, a local artist. She was told that someone had seen her painting at one of her exhibits and wanted to buy her painting. Little did she know this person would change her life. Shane Reynolds, was head of a successful architect company. Sparks flew, but her only downfall was her competition with her twin sister, Camille. I loved the emotion and real-life situations that were illustrated. For those who love chick flicks, Barbie, and sweet romance, you will love this series!

I am looking forward to reading more manga…Including Attack on Titan!!

                                                                                                                   ~Echo Rayne

                                   Anime Up and Stay Motivated!