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Joker Movie Premiere 2019


Back then people say, "Things that go bump in the night!" but in this case things that crawl underground ...Popping up the popcorn with the Tremors movies. Now we all know the 1st movie is the best one with Kevin Bacon. After that, let's just say it went downhill from there. Now I do have to say, #2 was decent, but the other guy, Chris Gartin, who replaced Kevin Bacon was not working out for him. I think if his character had more of a hacker-type of knowledge, where he's able to really break down the know how about the tremors. It could have given the movie a greater twist,  but for what its worth it was pretty good. Also, what gave the movie some kind of good substance was Burt, aka Michael Gross. With his extreme smarts in guns, it made the movie worth it. Which leads me to part 3 where Burt was the major star. Now at this point, I wasn't really feeling the supportive cast. There was WAY too many noticeable computer effects, which made the movie look more like a TV series. I think after part 2 they should have left it alone. Bit wait, there was a part 4! Let's just say I didn't even bother watching it, but in all and all it was a great run for the money.  


This movie describes so many points on how to treat your Vehicle..."Take car of your car and your car will take care of you!" Popping the popcorn with The Transporter Movies!!! These movies speak for themselves. From action to having a heart, no matter what your motives or what your mission is, you couldn't go wrong with picking up this movies. Time and time again it never disappoints, nor do you lose the adrenaline of that classic beat-em up action!   

When they say the term "Break-A-Leg." I wouldn't figure someone would actually do it...Popping the popcorn with this horror classic Misery. Now I know this movie been out for many years, so you could guess I was young when I first watched it. So finally I got a chance to REALLY see all that I had missed when I was a kid and Oh-My-Gosh!!! She took obsession to another level! Plus she had a bad temper (Note to self: Don't let her play video games.) The major plot of the story really took flight and it kept my attention. If you never heard of this movie or just haven't had time to check it out, this is a great horror classic you don't want to miss out on. Check dat it a few times...


   "You got 50,000 in Double Dragon?"

After all the asking, I took time out from gaming up and had a movie night with the classic WIZARD movie. The Famous Kid had it on a while back and when he asked me what game is this, I admit I didn’t know most of the games. After being introduced to them in depth when we first started the 5-MINUTE RETRO SHOW and playing these games for myself, I was able to name most of the games this time around. Let’s just say The Famous Kid was proud…lol. The movie touched my heart and I can’t think of any gamer movie as good as this classic film. It showed how a family can overcome anything and how anything is possible when trying to reach your goals. In this case, it was an ultimate video game championship that came with adventure, hardship, expressed true friendship, and in the end brought a family together through the genuine heart of Jimmy who completed his mission, so he can finally move past a tragic incident and overcome the pain he was feeling. He finally was able to smile again and in the end gained peace of mind and a fresh start. This movie is meant to stay original and not remade like some movies… A must-watch for retro gamers or those who just want a history of the Nintendo Entertainment System gamer world.  

– Echo Rayne  


Now if you speak about 80s horror, a very high name that will be mentioned is "A Nightmare On Elm Street"... 

I had to resurface the classic and had a horror marathon. I was also able to really understand the story, which was pretty interesting... This movie gave you the classic horror and it also gave you some great comedy ..A very great movie indeed!


OK... First off... quick question!  Was the name based off the whole Friday the 13th superstition? ..Well, I bet some of you who are big fans of this movie probably know the answer to that, but anyway... This movie really gave killing a new name. I mean this dude didn't even care!  Well... except for Part 1 because he wasn't the killer AND there was another one where he was not the killer either. They just took the name (shows originality I ..I don't want to say which one, because then I'd spoil it for first time watchers. But if you want to see some classic hack n' slash killing ..this is for you!


Popping the popcorn with the movie "The Fly" from 1986... 

Now this takes me back to great classic horror with a sense of drama and suspense that keeps you entertained ..controllers up for Jeff Goldblum in this retro movie!                        

(The Famous Kid)


Perfect Example Of Revenge

Popping up the popcorn with the movie "SPAWN" from 1997... Being drawn into the action was not just an 

eye-opener but a great temptation to grab the comic. Also seeing the special effects during this age compared to that time was awesome!!! 

The story had its reasoning for why he was no joke.. but the only part that touches me is the wife going with the friend. Seeing things like that can kinda get to a person.. but to each their own. Over all, controllers goes up for Michael Jai White and this movie ...SOO Super awesome!!!                               

 (The Famous Kid)

Gizmo Is the Small Hero 

When It Comes to Retro Classic

Michael Jackson: Moonwalker

As a child,I was a pretty big fan of Michael Jackson, but I never expected his movie to get pretty big to the point a video game based on "Moonwalker" would be made.Well, Michael Jackson had quite an imagination when he put this movie together. I love the way he does his music videos where some are music videos are more like short films. Example... “Thriller” & now his movie… Michael Jackson has done a lot of good songs & music videos but there were also some songs that I never knew about until now. Makes me want to see more... Let his music continue to live on!

                                                                                                                              - Shadowboy

V.G.I. at The Movies ...Ghostbusters 2016 Fun And Review


I never expected “Never Back own” to make it to a 3rd sequel. Life in high school & college is all good, but I thought it would’ve ended on the 2nd one. When I saw the way things went down on the 1st & 2nd ones, it kind of got me. It had me thinking of my past life in high school & college. If I ever went through situations like that in high school & college, I would’ve been quite an interesting life that I lived. Now the 3rd one is out & it had some interesting surprises that I never expected. No Surrender was great & interesting…it also got me thinking that when you get into the life of UFC or any tournaments, be careful of who you meet. Some people may pull off some stunts just to get certain people to fight. When you get into the life of the UFC, be careful of who you meet & who you get involved with. There may be some people that may try to get you to lose some fights deliberately, try to own you, or simply get you to fight in tournaments. Never Back Down: No Surrender is a great movie, and see life through another’s eyes...

                                                                                                                          ~ Shadow Boy 


Why Read When You Can Watch? Check it out!!!

Frostbite Outbreak!!

Another Indie mini series that was hard to put down. Keaton and the crew are on a mission for survival against the frostbite outbreak that has killed too many. With the help of the doctor and his daughter, will there be a cure? The enemies makes it hard for Keaton and the crew to make it to their destination, but with Keaton's tactical skills, nothing shakes her. It's a short series, but worth it! Do they find a cure to save lives? That's for you to find out- in a fast-pace action mini series, prepare to part of a mission for survival!!                                          - Echo Rayne

Old Man Logan Comic ...Quick Review

Blast To The Future With Megaman Comics

The Mega Man comics are pretty good, but I’m bummed out how the comic company that put the game series together. I haven’t read all of the Mega Man comics, but the way it’s looking they’re telling the beginning story of Mega Man from the 1st Mega Man game & work their way up to Mega Man 10.The way they told the story of the 1st Mega Man was great. They combined the 1st Mega Man & the new Mega Man... They did very well with that, but I hope they also include the Mega Man stories that were on Gameboy, too. If you’re a fan of Mega Man, be sure to peep out the Mega Man comics & the classic Mega Man games.


A Dark Souls Comic...WAAAT?!

Check out what we was able to land on ..For the Dark Souls gamer fans out there, there's a comic series with a deep story that has the main character seeking for answers, which leaves her in  fierce battles. So if you ever thinking about putting down the sticks to dig in the dark souls story, stop at your comic book store and ask about this epic comic book series! 

                                                                                                                                                                                       ~Famous Kid

GO, GO, Power Rangers…Pink Power!!

We all feel like super heroes, but there are times when we have to be a civilian. Kim had to do just that. She hit the gymnastic mats with hopes that her parents would be there for support. Call after call, message after message, still no answer..something wasn’t right. Instead of celebrating with her teammates, she decided to speeding down the highway from Amsterdam to St. Moineau, France on her bike to make a personal visit to her mom and step dad’s house. The town was too quiet and abandoned and she felt like she was being watched. She geared up, but she was in full effect with the help of Zordon…KABOOOM!! Does she go solo or will the rest of the team come and aide? Not telling, but hey join in on the excitement to find out!! Check out her skills and relive the excitement once again- Girl Power!! 

                                                                                                                                            ~ Echo Rayne

Hip-hop and comics...Why I didn't follow this when I was younger?, 

Anyway, in the early 90’s the dope hip-hop duo, Kid n’ Play & Marvel, linked up and came out with a funny BUT...let’s just say a political. I was able to get my hands on these from an online New York comic store. During the early 90’s, it was the rise of hip-hop and racial violence. With the cops, hype parties, and a race to increase knowledge among black people. Reading these comics took me way back. So, if u ever get your hands on one of these check it out!! The comics are pretty good. Shots out to Drop Dead Ced for giving me the intro on it…One Love!


                                                                                                        ~Famous Kid

Let's Spin Into Action With  The Team!

Sonic the Hedge Hog Issue 283- The Plan was so awesome! The Freedom Fighters are trying to find a way to stop Eggman. If they do that, they will save the world. Eggman soon hears the Freedom Fighters plan and comes up with a way to slow them down and stop them… or so Eggman thought. Did Eggman stop them? Read this awesome comic and find out what happens next! 

~ Maine

Wizard World Comic Con Weekend at the Convention Center

Famous Kid is all about picking up the sticks, Echo loves anime, but why not see what's up with the comic heads? Check out the cosplay and more in Shadow's photo Gallery!!!



Go Go Power Rangers!!

we were able to get our hands on the new power rangers issue 1... Rita is up to no good again and what's really going on with green ranger? looks like things could get pretty interesting so let's keep tuned in... It's morphin time!!! 

I've seen some of these comics, but never read any of them. but, if you're familiar and a fan of castlevania, peep out this comic series. Here's a comic page from one of my favorite castlevania games..symphony of the night!                                                                                                                                                                     ~shadowboy

Battle of the Planets

I've read the comic "Battle of the Planets". The reason why I decided to check it out was because of  the game "Tatsunoko vs Capcom" on the Nintendo Wii. There are 3 characters from battle of the planets that's playable:Mark (aka Ken the Eagle), Jason (aka Joe the Condor), & Princess (aka June the Swan). The game is pretty good..if you like the Marvel vs Capcom games then you'll love Tatsunoko vs Capcom. The story is about 5 people that were orphaned at a young age. As they grew up, they trained to be great warriors & great heroes. I'm not sure how they got their powers & abilities. If I had to guess, they went through what Captain America went through when he gained his powers & abilities. They must have gained their powers through a science experiment. They call themselves "G-Force." They save & defend Earth & the universe from any threat...mainly from the villains Zoltar & the Luminous One. They're the leaders of an organization from another planet called "Spectra" (aka Galactor). The comic & the heroes are's like looking at the Power Rangers & the "Swat Kats". If you're interested, peep out the comics. They also have anime shows of battle of the planets so check it out!

Darkstalkers is a story that involves all kinds of mythological monsters, fiends, and beasts. There are vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and ghosts. Whatever monsters you can think of, they are in it.

Some darkstalkers seek vengeance while others feel that darkstalkers and humans coexisting together is impossible. There are hunters of the dark and some even enjoy destroying and tormenting the human souls. On the contrary, there the ones who remain in hiding, choose not to harm and try to live with the humans. Some just  try to take over Earth where humans no longer have control. Now there is an alien named Pyron who takes it a step further with intention to devour Earth.

Prepare for a war between the humans, the Darkstalkers, and Pyron! Expect lots of blood shed and souls being taken in this dark action thriller story. If you want to learn more about the Darkstalkers or even play the video game, be on the look out. Best way- online. Look for the 1st Darkstalkers or go for Darkstalkers resurrection.

"Do not be defeated so easily... it lessens my enjoyment."~ Pyron

This portion of the Darkstalkers comic is basically the prologue. The beginning shows what will happen to Morrigan if she were to keep her full power as she grows up. Unfortunately, her fate wouldn't turn out good if she were to keep her full power, so her power was cut in half and hidden and leaving her power limited until the right time. When she finally claimed it for herself, that's when her other half, Lilith, is born.  

      Ya know, being a kid was so awesome with comics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was the book to read. With funny-style drawing action you didn't want to miss a issue. the only bad news was the series was hard to keep up because a lot of the issues were hard to find. Reason? they was always sold out...

Hanging At " Battle Zone Comics And Games "

Catching up on the Superman New 52 Lineup 

And I do have to say great story it really caught my attention!!! Checkout Their Website: