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Meet The Creator

Meet The Creator


Famous Kid Introduction

At the young age of 16, I enjoyed listening to different hip-hop artists that inspired my love for creating my own music, praying that one day I would create my own image. Gaining my name, "Famous Kid," I learned how to freestyle while kickin" it with friends. That was when Stress and Tokyo Tea, as well as DJ Certified, a well-known figure in Las Vegas, stepped in and my talent enhanced even more. We soon formed a freestyle crew called Major Legacy, Pure Players as the original name.

In 1999, we set on a different road and started creating mix tapes. Not too long after that, opportunities rose even higher when I was discovered by Penguin Magic where I was an assistant for an escape artist, as well as a performer. Things were going great until 2004 hit. I was faced with a relational storm that nearly wrecked me and the stress rose. Thanks to the support of others, they inspired me to push the music and that was when Windy City was born. 

Things took time, but 2013 rolled around and I was finally free from the past. Being inspired by retro games, classic 80's movies, and arcade games it inspired me to do the Retro Album, an album that brought back old school video games, music, good times and beyond with a hip hop twist.

I've come a long way since. We've been steadily growing, working with other businesses, traveling, and creating even more music, upgrading out clothing line, and feeling inspired to share our gaming experiences and more.  i am looking forward to what 2017 will bring and the adventures we will have!! 

The Movement is Set...

I always had a vision to go beyond the music, so I wanted to get my feet wet by creating my own music videos, websites, producing, and beyond. With the help from those who have supported me through it all, I was able to do just that. My motto has always been to "pickup the sticks." With the collaboration of my love for video gaming and music came Video Game Intertainment. So walk with me, bump the tracks, and see my vision!