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E3 2019 Trip Led Us to Lost Levels Game Store & Arcade

Dance and Kick It to our new single LVL UP...Inspired by LVL UP 2018 Expo!

Love to all who made it a blast!!

What Games Have Scared You? And What If You Are In Them? ...Well Here Is Our List Of Games That Will Scare The Skin Off Us If It Was On A Virtual Reality!

Checkout Our Video below And Laugh At Our Ghoulish Selections!


The UnBoxing Mission Of The New Nintendo Switch

Get Ready To Laugh While We See Whats Packed In It!!!

V.G.I. News In Quick Vision!!


V.G.I. Has Done It Again...Here To Bring You A Track With A Chill Vision!!

V.G.I. At The Avengers Station....

(Interview With Rogue Toys Owner And Pawn Stars Steve Johnston)

Check It Out!!!


Our 2016 Expo Footage...See The Excitement!!


Monkeys The Dance!!!


What I Mean Underground Track


GameStop Expo 2015 & 2016...

IN 2015, FAMOUS KID & sHADOWBOY PEEPED OUT THE EVENT JUST FOR FUN. BUT Famous Kid & Echo Rayne SPECTATED THE EVENT AND Created A Movie Mixture Of Reviews, SneAk Peeks, Comedy, Great Music, Fun And Of Course Video Games... Packed In One Mini Adventure A Must-See!!!!

check out out!!!

Chilling At Game Spots With Our Fans and Friends




Famous Kid- Game On!!!


Famous Kid- Happy Ever After

Now this is what I call Talent...

For all my retro fans, take in the power of Zelda!!!

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